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Personally I believe one of the best ways to learn and develop camera repair skills is to strip down old cheap scrap models. Below is a common sense approach for beginners and I hope that it offers some help.

Obviously you learn as you go and be prepared for several minor disasters.....

If like me you buy from Ebay, sooner or later you will aquire a cheap camera that is totally junk and not as it was described. If the price was very cheap then the returns postage is often not worth the hassle. It is these cameras that lend themselves to dissection for the purpose of knowledge and spare parts. Sometimes it is just a baseplate or top that is damaged and in these cases another cheap doner camera can sometimes be found.

Before commencing any strip down you need some basic tools and obviously some mechanical aptitude. Several small precision screwdrivers (e.g. Pro'sKit), engineers dividers, fine tip tweezers, small plumbers strap wrench etc. A digital camera is usefull to allow before and after shots of every stage as you will probably forget where things go etc. (Obviously a repair manual is usefull but not usually available)

A clean workspace/table with a tray and sheet of felt or soft fabric to lay the camera on. Lint free cloths and micro fibre cloth along with plenty of disposable tissue and cotton wool buds. Lighter fluid and other solvents can be usefull but care is required when using certain solvents as they can cause damage.Small plastic storage boxes/trays are usefull for small components and screws. (Be methodical and label them for easier assembly) Remove lens where possible to prevent damage or cover with cap.

Sometimes I write things down as I go to remind me of critical steps etc. other times I just wade right in and often regret it.

Do not force things as there is usually a reason why they will not part.( Hidden screws etc.) If the camera is a scrapper then if you do force and break a part you will then discover the 'secret fixing' and learn for when working on a good one. (Butchery maybe)

If you have any Service manuals or repair tips that you are willing to share please email me on:



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